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American Association for Cancer Research
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An accomplished clinical researcher and medical educator, Dr. Anil Sood brings more than two decades of experience to his position as a professor at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. An active member of the field, Dr. Anil Sood belong to numerous professional groups and organizations, including the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

Founded more than 100 years ago by a group of 11 scientists and medical professionals, AACR has emerged as one of the world’s leading organizations dedicated specifically to cancer research. The association serves more than 35,000 members around the world through a range of educational initiatives, collaborative opportunities, and regional and national conferences. To ensure AACR members from all backgrounds are able to attend these conferences, the organization maintains a travel grant program.

Grants from the program fall into several general categories. AACR Scholar-in-Training and Undergraduate Scholar Awards are available to student and emerging scientists and researchers who are presenting papers at regional or national AACR conferences, while the Women in Cancer Research Scholar Awards fund women researchers presenting papers at these events.

AACR maintains a range of awards for minority researchers, as well. In addition to the Minority Scholar Cancer Research Awards, the organization offers Faculty Scholar Awards for minority faculty members or faculty members from primarily minority-serving institutions. AACR also maintains a separate grant program for cancer researchers from African countries.


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